Jumping Rope Burns More Energy Than Any Other Exercise

Many of you are anxiously awaiting New Year’s Eve celebrations. With the New Year just around the corner, a lot of you are making resolutions. Almost 80 percent of them may have decided that they will lose weight. But confused,  which is the best exercise that can reduce our body weight.

It is simple. Many of you haven’t tried jumping rope which is the best total body workout outdoors or indoors. The jumping rope exercise is cited as one of the effective cardio exercises which can reduce your body weight.

Some studies state that 10 minutes of skipping every day can improve cardiovascular health who jog for almost 30 minutes a day.

When done at a modern pace, jumping rope can burn more calories per minute and build more muscles than swimming or rowing.

“Not only this, jumping rope exercises can increase cardiovascular levels, flexibility, rhythm, muscle tone, shoulders, arms, and legs,” according to Jeremiah Maestre, boxer and trainer at Rumble Boxing in New York.

Jumping rope benefits your whole body, and it depends on what style of the jump is done.


Maestre says, “Keep it simple to start.” “Two feet at once, then alternate your feet, then maybe bounce on one foot, try some high knees, then graduate to double-unders. You can criss-cross and get creative. Try to mix the different formations. And remember that anytime you mess up your rhythm, keep bouncing on the toes with the rope in hand still.”