Josh Duhamel Speaks On Parenting

Josh Duhamel has been cast for the new lead on the Disney+ series Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.

 He speaks about the projects he has lined up, as well as about being a dad to his son, Axl, an 8-year-old whom he shares custody with ex-wife Fergie.

Josh says, “Axl likes drawing and making stuff. He loves tinkering and making gadgets and does not say he won’t be into sports. I am like, ‘You know what, man? You do whatever you feel happy.'”

He says that “I would like to be soft and sometimes strict as far as parenting is concerned.”

Josh says, “I can be a softie sometimes, but he knows not to push me too far because he knows that I will put my foot down when it is time. Nowadays, kids like to test the boundaries, but he is a thoughtful, respectful, and kind kid.”

He says, “I learned watching my father as he was not harping on too much with me. People need to be treated with respect, whether rich, poor, black, or white.

Josh says “I love to be patient and work a lot. Axl loves hanging out with me, and everything feels essential. The most important thing is I ensure to be there and present with him and put all my work aside for him.”

Recently, Axl had the opportunity to visit his dad on the Dominican Republican set of ‘Shotgun Wedding.’ Josh Duhamel met another famous parent, his leading lady J.Lo, Jennifer Lopez, a mom herself to 13-year-old twins.

Josh says, “I got to meet her kids. That girl is amazing. She is a boss and a lot of fun, lovely, and works her butt off.”

Josh recently announced his engagement to former Miss World America Audra Mari. He says he has gotten the approval of his son, and Axl is very excited about it.

Josh says, “When I first asked Axl, ‘What do you think, kid? I am going to do this.”

Axl is like, “Yeah, I am OK with it. It is your choice, Dad.

Josh says, “That was his response. Axl and Audra Mari, my fiancée get along great.”