Joseph Baena Speaks About His Relationship With His Dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Joseph Baena speaks on how his life changed when he was recognized publicly as the son of an actor and former bodybuilder.

In 2011, Joseph Baena found that he was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son and Mildred Baena’s previously employed housekeeper for Schwarzenegger.

Joseph told ‘Men’s Health Magazine,’ “I was 13 when the world found out about his dad. Your body and mind are transforming, and now my life transformed before my eyes.”

Joseph grew up with his mom in his younger days with his four half-siblings. Later on, he learned that he shares his passion and talents with his father after taking an interest in bodybuilding.

His passion for the gym came after he experienced trial and error with athletics in high school. He started following his father regarding fitness after his dad gave him a copy of his book ‘The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding.’

Joseph said, “I was proud to call him anytime in my training days. I wanted to figure it myself, so I went straight to the book.”

Joseph started training with his dad when he turned 18. Schwarzenegger taught a lot about the gym, which inspired him a lot.

Joseph said, “I was observant trying to see what my father used to do regarding his body and acting so that I could shape my body however I want.

The only lesson he took from his father is his work ethic, particularly when pursuing his acting dreams.

Joseph said, “When I go to auditions, they don’t know who I am as we don’t have the same name. I am very motivated and driven. It took little time to realize that I do not want to do what my dad did.”