Joker 2—Yay Or Nay—Who Knows At This Point

The last 24 hours have been turbulent ones leaving fans of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker in the throes of angst and turmoil.  First, we learned of reports that there would indeed be a Joker sequel, and that Todd Phillips and Phoenix were both on board.  However, later today, it seems that this is not necessarily true.

It seems that in actuality, the earlier reports kind of jumped the gun.  The truth of the matter is that Todd Phillips, along with his co-writer Scott Silver may or may not be currently in negotiations for a possible sequel, but nothing is for sure—yet.

Image: Rapida

Again, this is what is being reported.  However, over at Deadline, it seems that there is word that both Phillips and Silver have not even begun negotiating for a sequel as of yet.  It was also being reported that Phillips was in talks with Warner Brothers about the producing of origin stories for other DC characters, with the same dark and gritty feel as was in Joker.

From day one, Joker was always seen as a one-off production.  There were never any plans for any additional storylines or sequels.  However, it is undeniable, with its massive commercial success, that filmgoers will want more.

As such, it would only follow that Warner Brothers would open up the conversation to a sequel.  It is being rumored that having been against the possibility before, that Joaquin Phoenix is warming up to donning the Joker persona again.

Image: Comic Book

We know one thing for sure, with the astonishing box office take of the Joker, it would seem that the DC universe is poised to carve itself out a pretty good niche in the comic book realm.  With its unconventional take on the age-old characters, and the dark and gritty atmosphere seeming to appeal to moviegoers, now may be the very time for DC to make its move on Marvel.

So, the question remains—is Joker 2 full steam ahead, or is it parked permanently in the train station?  I guess all the fans can do now is wait and see just how it all plays out.