Joey Fatone Says Parenting His Daughters Is A Different Experience

Fatone asserts that his parental style changed again in 2019 when he divorced actress Kelly Baldwin after 15 years of marriage.

He says, “It is a little different once you get divorced. My advice for single parents especially is patience.”

When it comes to the education of two girls, Fatone says that he and Baldwin began to build an open line of communication with their daughters from the outset.

He says, “People don’t understand the negatives. They don’t understand that parents have a responsibility and can’t throw it away, especially with their kids.”

Fatone believes that the strategy has worked: His daughters, now 20 and 11, still come to him to speak to everything, from homesickness while traveling to more personal problems.

He explains, “I did not know how to put the pad on the panties and fold it under with the sticky part. She calls me in the bathroom, and I walk in, and there is blood. I did not know what to do.

Fatone adds, “Most of the time, women talk to their daughters about it. I have two daughters, and when I have them, mom is not here, so how am I supposed to handle it?”

He speaks with Yahoo Life as part of his work promoting his ‘Fatone Calzone’ sandwich with Schlotzsky’s.

Fatone says that he has learned to be as sincere as possible with his daughters regardless of the issue.

But he says parenting girls is not for the faint-hearted.

Fatone says, “It sucks because they have got your heart. It is bad news. That whole ‘daddy’s girl’ thing rings true.”