Jodie Sweetin Says She Has Lost 37 Lbs During Quarantine From Anxiety

Jodie Sweetin is an American actress and television personality. She is known for playing Stephanie Tanner in the comedy series “ABC Full House” and the sequel to “Fuller House.”

The ‘Full House’ star recently appeared on the “Allison Interviews podcast.” She tells the host Allison Kugel that it “was a mess” in the pandemic season as it affected her weight.


Sweetin says she has been lucky during the COVID-19 pandemic. She was able to stay home with her children, and none of her family members were affected by the virus.

But as a person with a background of severe anxiety and depression, the star of ‘Full House’ struggled.

Sweetin says, “I was not a fully functioning person as I lost 37 lbs during quarantine. I am a stress starver and just stopped eating. I couldn’t keep food down.”

Sweetin said the pandemic had a negative impact on her mental health.

She said, “I had severe anxiety and depression, so it did not do any favors for my mental health. I struggled with it, and it was the time of feeling out of control.”

Sweetin expressed concern about how the pandemic will continue to affect everyone’s mental health for years to come.


Sweetin has been managing her mental health since she became sober in 2008, following 15 years of drug and alcohol abuse. She is grateful that there is much discussion and de-stigmatization of mental health.

She says, “medication is the key for me; otherwise, I would have been struggling to get out of bed. Sometimes I needed some therapy and probably need a psychiatrist for some medications and all of these things to start taking care of myself.”