Joaquin Phoenix Becomes The Joker in New Footage

Earlier this week, we got the first taste of how Joaquin Phoenix will appear in the Joker origins movie directed by Todd Phillips. It wasn’t much to look at it, merely Phoenix looking like his long hair and dirty attire. He didn’t look much like the Joker. Well, a posted camera test has been posted by Phillips finally reveals what Phoenix will look like in the full Joker makeup…we think.

The camera test starts off with the familiar shot of Joaquin Phoenix, standing before the camera and slowly smiling as the camera zooms into his face. As the camera gets closer, however, we start seeing flashes of Phoenix in clown makeup, presumably his final form as The Joker, Batman’s long-running nemesis of a villain. By the time we’re in the close-up mode, the camera cuts to a clown-faced Phoenix smiling, his grin fading just before cutting to black.

Check out the full video on Todd Phillips’ Instagram account.

Phoenix’s makeup is surprisingly classic and somewhat subtle when compared to the more rougher edges of the smeared version in “The Dark Knight” or the more street-friendly version in “Suicide Squad.” The use of sound during this camera test is certainly chilling enough that we get the sense Phillips will be taking this story to dark and creepy places.

The untitled Joker movie is currently scheduled for a release date of October 4, 2019.