Jessica Chastain Recalls How Chris Hemsworth Reminded Her Of Parenting

Jessica Chastain wants tremendous respect for fathers in the world.

In an interview with ‘Sunday Times Style,’ she explained that she does not think dads get enough credit. Jessica has two daughters with her husband, Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo, an Italian count and fashion executive.

Jessica says, “As a society, I don’t believe we value father, and we have to understand that. It is tough to say this as a woman, but the father relationship is as meaningful as the mother relationship. Even men have to acknowledge women in the workplace until balancing both in the workforce and raising children. I think that is how we create healthier and happier human beings.”

Her costar in the Huntsman, Chris Hemsworth, gave parenting inspiration to Jessica. She noticed that Chris was “devastated” not returning home in time to sleep with his three children.

Jessica said, “Chris was sad as his kids were awake till he got home. It broke my heart how sweet Chris talked about missing his kids. I remember seeing that when we are on set for 16 hours a day, no one is there to care for our children if there are no women. We should get to where men can admit that, and society sees it as a strength.”

Jessica loved acting since childhood but could not afford to go to an art school. She started working over there and hopefully made her way to Juilliard, the prestigious New York performing arts conservatory, a privilege for what she is today.

She said, “There were people that saw me struggling as a kid, and they helped me. That is why I ended up where I am now.”

Jessica added, “She is the first in her family to get pregnant at the age of 17. I am very grateful for getting birth control pills from Planned Parenthood as it gave me the freedom to achieve my goals. It had a great impact on my life because it gave me a choice.”