Jess Sims Says Mobility Exercise Can Make Workouts More Effective And Prevent Injury

Jess Sims, the Peloton instructor, said people should not delay mobility exercise, which is the best exercise for overall fitness.

In an interview coordinated by Reebok, she says, “mobility is boring and not sexy, but it is essential.”

Mobility is the range of movement in the joints, including the shoulders, knees, ankles, and thoracic spine. It also affects your muscles’ ability to maintain their strength through various exercises, crucial for strength training.


The mobility task can be slow, repetitive, and uncomfortable without the adrenaline rush of the quicker exercise. According to Sims, however, it is worthwhile as it may improve the efficiency of other movements.

Sims said, “You are never going to leave a mobility class feeling fired up. It is delayed gratification because when you are more mobile, you get more out of your workouts.”

Good Mobility Can Progress Quickly From Preventing Injuries

There are evidence-based benefits to regular mobility work in the gym. A better range of motion means that you can work your muscles more efficiently, maintain excellent shape and reduce the risk of injury to athletes of all ages.

Sims said, “It can help you get deeper into a squat and not take days to recover from a heavy lifting session.

Examples of popular mobility exercises:

  • World’s Greatest Stretch
  • Squat Rotation
  • Prayer Stretch

Focus On Mobility As Well As Your Other Workouts

People do not want to do mobility exercise as it wastes time. But Sims said it is worth committing regularly.

Sims says, “If you can spare 20 minutes daily, you want something that sweats your body. Mobility won’t don’t mean you should do it less. I schedule it as you would with a workout. I write down on my calendar when in the week I am going to do it.”


She added noting the advantages of mobility over time is a motivational factor to continue doing.

Sims said, “We should want to be able to move pain-free for as long as we possibly can.”