Jeremy Renner Last Remaining Avenger On Set       

This week, Jeremy Renner took to Instagram memorializing his final day on the set of the, still untitled, Avengers 4 movie.  It would seem that his reshoots are done, and his time, at least in this sequel is finished.

Renner is one of the original Avengers, portraying the character Clint Barton—aka Hawkeye. Having been missing from Avengers: Infinity War, it was being speculated if we would see a return of his character at all.

In Infinity War his absence was explained as him having gone home to retire.  That was, it seems, until Thanos epic finger snap, and literally, everything in the world changed.

Image: Comic Book

Although no specifics are known as of yet about the storyline to come, a few speculations and rumors are going around that might help better understand just how pivotal a role Renner’s Hawkeye will play in Avengers 4.

It is being thought that, with Thanos finger snap, Hawkeye lost his family.  And as such, returns to help the Avengers in their fight against Thanos.

Now, this is where it gets interesting.  Renner himself has been taking to Instagram, posting pics that would seem to have fans thinking he is actually returning not as Hawkeye, but as Ronin.  This was a character he adopted in the comics, after his return, and having lost his family due to the snap.

Image: Comic Books & Beyond

And, as the character of Ronin, he played a more than a major role in the takedown and the defeat of Thanos.  If this is indeed how the story will play out, then it is sure to be one major roller coaster ride.

With Renner the only remaining Avenger to finish up his reshoots, if anything it would seem he is going to be clocking some major screen time.  Which sets well with this writer, as Hawkeye is my favorite Avenger by far.  With having been left out of Infinity War, I hope they do him justice in Avengers 4.  But the question still remains—is this the last we will see of Clint Barton and his bow and arrow?