Jeremy Renner Joins The Cast Of Spawn

In a story broken by Deadline, news from tinsel town is that original Avenger Hawkeye himself, actor Jeremy Renner, has been officially added to the cast of the upcoming Todd McFarlane film Spawn.  Renner will star alongside actor Jamie Foxx, who was tapped for the titular central character role.

Spawn is the brainchild of McFarlane, having been given birth as a comic book originally.  Now, not only has McFarlane scripted the movie, but he is set to make his directorial debut as well.  The official addition of Renner, in McFarlane’s opinion, finalizes the elements that he feels the film needed.

Image: Bloody Disgusting

Foxx’s character was introduced in the comics as a member of a then CIA black ops team, named Al Simmons.  Through a series of unfortunate events leading to his murder, Simmons finds himself in Hell.

He is approached and convinced to take on the form of a Hellspawn Warrior, in exchange for being reunited with his wife.  However, there are two catches—his appearance is permanent, and his wife has since moved on.

Renner’s character, Detective “Twitch” Williams, in contrast, is very much human.  Spawn knows if he is going to succeed in his personal war to fight the evil that is permeating the Earth, he will need help—human help.

Image: Comic Book

So, he singles out Twitch for both his intelligence and his intuition—both of which Spawn knows he will need.  The character of Twitch is pretty much fearless, and his mindset complements and works well with Spawn’s newly gained demonic powers.

When explaining this unconventional pairing of actors, McFarlane states he felt he hit the jackpot with Jamie Foxx.  However, when it came to the character of Twitch, which is going to be on the screen the most, he needed a strong “face” for the film.  Renner was in the number one spot for choices on his list, and happily, McFarlane got him.

McFarlane compares the two main characters’ relationship in the film as “Spawn is King Arthur, and Twitch is Sir Lancelot.”