Jelly Belly Holiday Favorites Jelly Beans Are Back

December is just a day away, and all of the holiday food trends and seasonal chocolates are lining every single food shelf in every store across the country. One holiday candy which is a big hit with people are jelly beans.

A few years ago, jelly bean company Jelly Belly introduced a mixed bag of seasonal jelly beans, instead of releasing the flavors individually. With all the flavors in the same bag, people get a real hit of nostalgia and a great treat to celebrate the holidays with. The jelly bean flavors inside of the seasonal bag come in five different flavors. These flavors are Egg Nog, Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie, Hot Chocolate, and Candy Cane.

Jelly Belly’s Holiday Favorites have been around for a few years, and are only available for a limited time between November and January. These jelly beans have already been spotted at Woodman’s, a regional chain, but fans can expect these sweet treats to hit shelves in Target, and many different grocery stores across the country.


In addition, customers can find these Jelly Belly favorites in an assorted bag of about seven and a half ounces, and which flavors who will be getting is truly a surprise. The other option is more of a holiday favorites box, which is about four and a half ounces, and features just five of the assorted flavors and all of them are in their own compartment so the jelly beans are not mixed together. This holiday box contains pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, hot chocolate, candy cane and egg nog.

Jelly beans have always been a versatile candy, which can be and has been made into just about any flavor imaginable. This seasonal holiday bag is a mix of both Thanksgiving and Christmas flavors for everyone to enjoy.