Jamie Chung Says She Used Surrogate To Avoid Pregnancy Slowing Her Career

Jamie Chung is a proud mother of healthy twin boys with her husband, Bryan Greenberg.

Fans were pleasantly surprised by their birth last year, but Chung shares why she chose to have the babies via surrogate rather than carrying them herself.

In a new interview with the Today show, the Dexter: New Blood star, 39, confessed that she was “terrified” of pregnancy because she feared it would compromise her career.

Chung said, “I was terrified of putting my life on hold for two-plus years. In my industry, it feels like you’re easily forgotten if you don’t work within the next month of your last job.”

She and Greenberg kept the pregnancy private because of the stigma surrounding surrogacy — one of the reasons she shot to fame on MTV’s The Real World: San Diego in 2004 before landing significant roles in ABC Family’s miniseries Samurai Girl and ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

Chung explained, “I think there’s a little bit of shame. It’s still not common, and we weren’t ready for judgment. People probably think, ‘Oh, she’s so vain. She didn’t want to get pregnant,’ and it’s much more complicated than that.”

Chung told Yahoo Life in January that postpartum depression “comes in waves,” even though she had twins via surrogacy.

She said, “I think some moments are perfect, and then there are other moments where I give in to the sadness and stress.” explains that PD symptoms are usually due to hormone fluctuations during pregnancy and birth; any parent, including fathers and adopters, can experience them. Chun is no exception.

She said, “I feel like there’s a lot on our shoulders keeping these babies alive and healthy: having to sacrifice and give all of yourself to your babies.”