James Corden Gets Emotional Talking About Health Journey

James Corden talks about the transformation of his weight loss through WW (formerly Weight Watchers), which began in January 2021.

Almost a year, James Corden revealed last month to ‘The Late Show’ host that he has reduced 28 pounds.

In an interview with CBS, Corden shares how his weight loss transformation journey changed his life. He also says why it is vital for men to talk about their health.

Corden told co-host Gayle King, “In my life, I have been embarrassed to say to people, ‘Oh, I am on a diet,’ or No, I’m not going to have a drink today. There is something in the society that says if you are a man, then you do not care what you look like.”

He added, “I have struggled with my weight the entire life. Well, this is who I am and will be the first person to make a joke when I entire the room. I will make those jokes about myself so no one else can.”

Corden tells King that he has done “every diet under the sun.” I have done everything, but they work only for a short term and have put on more weight after that.”

However, Corden says that the WW plan has helped him change his food relationship and life this time. He feels better and got more energy.

Corden says, “I have still got a long way to go before I get to a weight I would like to be, but it is kind of reassuring knowing that you are doing something that is working.”

He added, “What is working for me is realizing this isn’t a temporary solution; this is a new way of life.”

Corden joked, “I love that my clothes fit better, but I love ice cream a little bit more than that.”