Jada Pinkett Smith Shares Update On Her Journey With Alopecia

Jada Pinkett Smith shares a video on her Instagram about her journey to deal with hair loss.

In her Instagram video, Smith showed her shaved head, pointing to a line that she had suddenly appeared on top of her head.


She said, “Now, at this point, I can only laugh. Now you all know I have been struggling with alopecia.”

The “Red Table Talk” host continued, “Now this is going to be a little more difficult for me to hide, so I thought I should just share it so y’all not asking questions.”

She then noted she would place “rhinestones” on her head to create a “crown.”

Smith has openly discussed her journey with alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss.

She recalled the “terrifying” experience of dealing with hair loss first in her 2018 episode of her Facebook Watch series “Red Table Talk.”

Smith said, “She was in the shower one day, and then I could find handfuls of airs in my hands.”

She added, “It was one of those times in my life where I was shaking with fear.”

Smith posted a selfie of her shaved head on Instagram as her daughter Willow “made me do it because it was time to let go.”

She wrote, “My 50s are about to be Divinely lit with this shed.”


Jada Pinkett Smith shared an insightful note about the journey on her Instagram post, writing, “I and this alopecia are going to be friends!”