It Seems Hawkeye May Have A Superpower After All

Although Hawkeye is a bonafide Avenger, as much as any of the other superheroes, he is often picked on by fans saying his fellow Avengers outclass him.  Fans claim that Hawkeye doesn’t have the advantage of speed, strength, stamina, or powers like the others have—such as Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor.

However, now it is being hinted in the latest trailer for the upcoming Hawkeye series that the character may be concealing his own superpower—and one that may make him the most lethal Avenger of them all.  Having been singled out by many as the weakest link in the Avengers, he is often said to be nothing more than a regular human with a quiver full of trick arrows.

In contrast, when looking back on some of the impressive feats that Hawkeye has pulled off throughout the MCU franchise, it would stand to reason that there is more to his bow and arrow skills than meets the naked eye.  So much so that Hawkeye hits what he wants, when he wants—period!

Image: Polygon

Theories have circulated as to whether Hawkeye has a superpower, which is better hidden than that of his fellow Avengers.  On fan hypothesized a few years back that his flawless accuracy goes beyond the abilities of any mere human.  When considering this possibility, then it is plausible that he may be hiding a superpower after all.

One Reddit poster offered their own thoughts, which included the possibility that Hawkeye uses telekinesis to guide the direction of his arrow:

“Telekinesis.  It’s a known talent in the MCU, and it’s what lets him guide his arrows to their exact target.  Bullets are too small and fast for him to control, but arrows are slow enough and large enough for him to accurately maneuver exactly and hit his target every time.  Maybe he’s aware of it, or maybe it’s subliminal, but it’s not a normal humans power; it’s a superpower.”