Is There A Chance Data Will Return In Picard?

When asked the most memorable part of the sci-fi television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, undeniably the most common answer is simply—Data.  Portrayed by actor Brent Spiner, Data was unarguably the breakout character for the series.

Week, after week, fans watched Data’s journey to becoming more human, with Spiner’s spot-on performance garnering him a spot in pop-culture much to the extent as that of Kirk and Spock themselves.  Spiner’s character of Data appeared in all seven episodes of the television show, as well as all four movies that featured the Next Generation cast.

Sadly, in the final film of the Next Generation franchise, Star Trek: Nemesis, Data showed that he genuinely was human, when he sacrificed himself in order to save his Captain, Jean Luc Picard.

Image: Deseret News

Data may have sacrificed his physical form, but his memories and “consciousness” was successfully transferred to B4, a prototype android.  B4 looked like Data, moved like Data, but its brain was not nearly as sophisticated as Data’s was.

Although the B4 was actually too primitive to be able to process Data’s original memories fully, there is a scene where the B4 is humming a familiar tune, leaving fans to hope that Data was still in there somewhere.

Image: Nerdist

This brings us to the question—will Data return in the new Star Trek series, Picard, and if so, how will his resurrection be achieved?  Some theories suggest that Data could possibly overwrite B4 and return to his original self.

Another theory suggests that Picard is actually looking for Lore.  As many may recall, Lore had been disassembled in one of the series episodes.  If this is the case, then reassembling Lore, and putting Data’s “consciousness” into the shell would be a logical fix.

However, in whatever manner the task is achieved, one thing is for sure—fans will be cheering with glee when they hear Data living and breathing once again—no matter what form he is presented in.