Is Laura Barton Mockingbird?

As the highly acclaimed Hawkeye series streaming over at Disney+ continues to have fans intrigued and engaged, a new theory has emerged about one of the peripheral characters.

In last week’s episode, viewers learned that the character of Laura Barton had some experience when it came to missions with her husband Clint Barton—aka Hawkeye. It seems that there is more to Laura Barton than was initially established in respect to the MCU. Fans think that she may, in fact, be another popular character from Marvel only in disguise.

Image: We Got This Covered

Laura was seen to have an innate ability to track information and change from one language to another mid-sentence. Clint also commented that the watch worn by Maya had at one time belonged to an individual close to him. He warned that the information that the watch held could put that very same person in peril.

Viewers first saw the watch appear when it was found along with information relating to Clint’s family. When fans take all of this information into context, they feel that a very compelling case can be made for the fact that Laura may very well be the Mockingbird of the MCU.

Image: Web Series

The comic book version of Mockingbird’s alter ego was a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent by the name of Bobbi Morse, who was married to Clint for a while. Taking into the fact the marriage of Clint and Laura and Laura’s ability to more than assist Clint on important cases, it seems that the Mockingbird has been well established within the MCU for quite some time now.

Marvel fans are weighing in with their opinions all over social media. The general feeling is that the fans are all for Laura Barton being revealed as the Mockingbird and are hoping that it will be the route Marvel Studios decides to take for the character.