Is It Possible To Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos?

There is that sinking feeling when you realize you accidentally deleted years’ worth of family photos from your PC without backing them up. You might have done the deed deliberately to make more HDD space, and you weren’t quite aware that cloud storage existed.

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You have permission to exhale if you wonder whether deleted photos can be recovered: yes, they can. In addition to photos, you can recover deleted emails, songs, and more. You can hunt down lost files and find more deleted data than any of its peers, even years after they disappeared.

You can search for lost files anywhere or on your entire system. It is possible to conduct a custom search and select folders, hard drives, or removable media. The software also recovers photos from CDs, DVDs, floppy discs, external hard drives, and even the camera.

Some software uses two proprietary technologies. The SmartScan program cleans out the junk on your computer to streamline your search. As a result, StrongScan does an exhaustive search of what’s left to retrieve long-lost data and photos.

Of course, it pays to be forward-thinking, too. Organize your photo albums on your hard drive. Don’t lose or accidentally delete your photos by backing them up to a cloud service, a type of external storage for digital files. Photo files saved locally on your computer are stored on the hard drive.

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Hard drives are just local storage. Storage space is sometimes saved by deleting photos from PCs and uploading them to the cloud. Despite the cloud, your original images are still on your computer! It’s easy to redownload your photos from the cloud if they’re ever deleted. The goal is to back up the pictures to a cloud service that keeps them safe and secure, like trusting someone else with your keys.