Is It Better To Work Out In The Morning Or At Night?

There is lots of debate about what time of day is adequate. Many experts suggest working out in the morning. Many of them love working out, but they find it challenging to find the best spot in the day.

Many experts would suggest there is no specific time for people to work out as it all depends on your preferences and habits.


An ACE certified fitness trainer, Morgan Rees, says, “There are not enough studies to show whether working out in the morning or night results in more significant weight loss or health improvements.”

Some people love to work out in the morning because their schedule allows that time, and also they love to be active in the morning. He added that I enjoyed working out in the afternoon and early evening to gain maximum energy.

Sarah Pelc Graca, a NASM-certified personal trainer, agreed that there is no ideal time for working out. She said, “The number of calories burned from the same workout will remain the same whether you work out at 6 a.m. or 6 p.m.

Rees suggests that if you feel anxious or tired after workouts, the ideal time is to exercise in the night. He explains, “When the body expends energy in excess at night, it can relax the mind before sleep, allowing for deeper rest.”

The trainers said that it is okay to work out any day that fits your schedule. But it is necessary to plan your schedule to be as consistent as possible.


Pelc Graca says, “It is the best to choose a time when you are feeling the most energized and ready to take on a workout. It is a personal decision that will look different for everyone.”