Is Black Widow and White Canary Copying Each Other?

There have, in the past, been many comparisons made between Marvels Black Widow and DC’s White Canary characters.  Yet another comparison is being made with Scarlett Johansson’s characters solo outing and her newest costume.  There are those saying that is almost a copy of that worn by Caity Lotz, and her character White Canary, on the television series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Although we have seen Black Widow in white before, in the most recent entry into the Avengers franchise, Avengers:  Endgame.  It is worth pointing out that most of her fellow heroes were also clad in white as well.  However, her newest costume only stands as proof of just how much she and White Canary have actually been mirroring each other for years.

As many fans remember, we got our first look at Black Widow in Iron Man 2, in 2010.  Sara Lance, who we first met as the Black Canary on DC’s Arrow, came along three years later.  Black Widow, also known at Natasha Romanov, was revealed as actually being an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and as a result, became one of the six founding members of the Avengers.

Black Widow has continued to be a key player in not only the Avengers franchise but also the Captain America franchise—including “Captain America:  The Winter Soldier” and “Captain America:  Civil War.”  Then, in one of the most moving scenes of Avengers: Endgame, she sacrificed herself in order for the team to be able to acquire the Soul Stone.

Image: Fanfest

In somewhat of a reverse manner, Sara was killed by Thea Queen, the Arrow’s younger sister, only to be resurrected in the form of the White Canary.  She took the mantle on and joined the Legends of Tomorrow with its premiere in 2015.

Even though the two characters are similar in many ways, they are still different in many ways as well.  It seems that when it comes to strong, female leads, there tends to be some sort of comparison by fans and critics alike.