Inventions So Crazy You Have To See To Believe

Humans, as a whole, are undeniably a very industrious species.  Throughout history, we have invented various things that are, in many cases, are relevant and still in use today.  Two such examples are the wheel and electricity, both of which are vital to everyday life as we know it.  In recent decades we have seen inventions that have moved into a technologically based society, such as the internet, the iPhone, and the iPod.

These are just a few of the inventions down through history that has shaped our lives into what they are today.  In this slideshow, we have compiled a fun list of incredible innovations that, if they haven’t gone viral, they soon will.  The odds are that many will soon be popping up in retail stores every, just in the knick of time for the holiday shopping season.  So, let’s check them out now. You won’t be sorry you did!

Hourglass Traffic Light

If I might say, this invention has been needed for quite some, and now it is finally out there.  Designed by Thanva Tivawong, this unique yet brilliant traffic light concept, The Sand Glass, is one that I am sure many drivers around the world are wishing was already being made use of.

We can only imagine how we could avoid those pesky traffic tickets if we don’t have to sit and guess how much longer the green light will stay green.  There is also the added feature that the light counts down by showing the last few “grains” of sand lighted by way of LED.

The Future Of Desks

Many offices, and some homes, rely on a 15 inch or larger monitor for their computer needs.  As technology continues the trend to grow and evolve, it seems more and more necessary items are added.  The result is a cluttered mess that has a significant sized footprint on our desks.  Enter a prototype called the BendDesk.

With a screen that measures as big as an office desk, it is not only on the desk but on the vertical paneling right in front of you.  And if the screen’s significant size isn’t enough, the creator’s tout that it is also a touchscreen.  Constructed with ergonomics in mind, who knew that desks could be so technologically advanced!