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Ingenious Reason There Are No Mosquitoes at Disney World

Florida is a place where many beautiful things are there, like beaches, mermaids, and Florida Orange Groove Pie. Yes, even it has mosquitoes. There are lots of people who accept that they are a lot of mosquitoes. But, one place in Florida which does not have mosquitoes is Disney World. Initially, when you step into this magic world, you would have been bitten by these bugs, but now Walt has found out a solution for this.

They did not do any miracles or secrets that could eliminate these mosquitoes. You might find some bugs here in the park as no technique can be 100 percent effective. They have combined a few different pest control methods, and Disney has created a primarily free garden. There are some surprising reasons why these pests are not seen in the park.


Establishment Of Disney World

Walt opened Disneyland in Anaheim, California, in 1955, which he introduced the magical place on Earth to the world. Market research at the time revealed that only 5% of Disneyland visitors came from eastern Mississippi, where 75% of the population of the United States resides. He was looking for another location to build a national park theme. In addition, Walt Disney did not like the companies that had popped up around Disneyland and wanted more control over a more extensive field surface in the next project. The team began their investigation, and they were able to locate a location in Florida.


Walt Found The Site For Disney

In 1963, Walt Disney finally got a potential site in Orlando, Florida. Walt, the filmmaker, dreamed about a vision to have a simple amusement park. For instance, he dreamed up a varied series of fun-filled attractions, including the area now known as Epcot. Surprisingly, Disney wanted the rest of the population of the eastern part of the country to be carried away by magic. They were ready to construct the theme park, which is their “Happiest Place on Earth.” But there was terrible news awaiting them is that there were a lot of mosquitoes. They started designing the park secretly, and they gave a secret code name, “The Florida Project.”