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Implanted Microchips Promise To Make Your Life Easier

Conveniences that used to be seen as mere flights of fantasy or only seen in science fiction movies are more and more becoming commonplace in today’s society.  Cellphones, laser pointers—and now personal microchip implants have already or are beginning to work they way into our everyday lives.

For years microchipping of pets and livestock has been available, and many individuals have chosen to take advantage of the service.  However, in recent news, it would seem that the voluntary microchipping of humans has begun and that in itself is a whole other issue and source of heated debate.

Image: The Christian Broadcasting Network

In the country of Sweden, residents have had to option to be microchipped since early last spring, and in a very surprising turn of events, have turned out in droves to take advantage of the offer.  Microchipping has been billed as having a multitude of advantages, including but not limited to replacing credit cards, various passes, and even taking care of many of the keys that we use in our everyday lives.

The procedure itself for the implanting of the chip seems pretty simple and straightforward.  A small microchip is implanted, with the use of a needle, under the skin of the area between the forefinger and the thumb.  Reports state that there is little to no discomfort and the procedure itself only take a few moments.

Image: Medium

Although, one has to wonder what it is about the device that attracts those to it that are using it?  In a day and age of wanting more privacy, not less, one would think this little gizmo would work against all that.  However, the reasons for its attraction, when those who partake in the offer to be microchipped are really quite simple.

The most stated reasons are:

  • Its minute size—as it is smaller than a grain of rice
  • Does not contain GPS—so unable to track the individual
  • The cost—the total cost including implantation is around $180
  • Has a short distance of readability—no problem with stolen information
  • Made only to store information—unable to read anything