Did Ya Know?

If You See Someone Wearing A Safety Pin, This Is The Powerful Meaning Behind It

The Origin of the Safety Pin

In 1849, a mechanic named Walter Hunt invented the safety pin to try and settle a $15 debt which might not seem like much now. However, this debt led to one of the greatest inventions of all time: The common safety pin.

Later, he sold the patent rights to his invention to his debtor for $400. It was also the only pin having a clasp and spring function at the time and was designed to prevent fingertips from being poked by the pointy end – thus the name.

The safety pin’s primary intention was – and still is – to hold layers of material together. Over the years, the technique has been used to tie cloth diapers, repair shredded clothing, and secure bandages in first aid. However, you may not realize that the value of the safety pin extends well beyond its utility in the home.