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I Think Tomi Lahren Is Playing Us All, And It’s Strangely Hilarious

I had a strange realization this week. Tomi Lahren is playing us all. And it’s kind of hilarious.

Lahren has just turned 25. If you don’t know her, she’s a young political commentator with wildly conservative views who hasn’t voted in more than two presidential elections. She has spouted dramatically angry and weirdly contradictory views throughout her fledgling career. She quotes herself in her own Instagram posts.

But she is the mistress of misdirection. Let’s talk about why.

Every major publication has run their take on Tomi’s social media stardom and sickly offensive perspectives. She’s slammed Beyoncé for performing with Black Lives Matter symbolism. She ranted over Colin Kaepernick’s acts of protest and told him to “sit down,” suggesting that perhaps the also-black Barack Obama must have “failed him.”

At face value, it’s entertaining. It really is. Should you find Tomi Lahren to be off-putting or downright infuriating, she’s a great conversation topic, a picture-perfect lens through which you can filter discussions and arguments.

Scratch the surface, though, and the truth is easy to see: We’re all being played. Here’s why.

You’re Being Two-Timed

Tomi spent a year or so enjoying a social media audience of millions, and things turned hilarious in early 2017. That’s when a Twitter user uncovered old footage of her work at the University of Nevada’s student television station. The 2014 videos show Lahren outright stating that “climate change is occurring” and addressing gun violence as a “multi-dimensional issue.”

All of this contrasts her current positions. “They call it ‘climate change,’ I call it weather,” she tweeted in 2015. Today, she says that she “won’t mention the words ‘gun control’ without blaming Islam.”

Does this sound like a person with views that you should consider? It shouldn’t.


The Pandering Is Too Real

Everything changed for Tomi in 2017 when she appeared on The View and clearly expressed her stance on abortion for the first time, explaining that she wants autonomy over her body. “Listen, I am not glorifying abortion,” she later tweeted. “I don’t personally advocate for it. I just don’t think it’s the government’s place to dictate.”

Bold move, Lahren. She was quickly suspended from TheBlaze, Glenn Beck’s digital network where she’d built a cult following. One lawsuit gave way to a countersuit and everything was settled in May.

This simply confirmed what many have always known: These networks and their faces will always pander to an audience and spin everything as such. They are not trustworthy and they operate without integrity.


Laughing All The Way…

In Tomi’s case, the finish line is the bank. She’s just joined Fox News as a contributor, where she will primarily appear alongside Sean Hannity.

This rings true for everyone in her tribe—the people who spew hatred and vile thoughts that reach the masses and infiltrate their brains with lies, fake news, and overall hysteria. Extremist views like these are rarely rooted in progression and forward thinking. They’re rooted in the status quo.

Tomi’s net worth is an estimated $3 million today, and that number is sure to rise if she’s able to rock the boat for viewers while maintaining a balancing act with her owners network.

Lahren is playing us. But in the end, maybe she’s being played, too. Let us know what you think in the comments.