How Will Beauty Appear In The Metaverse?

The metaverse is probably something you have heard of by now.

You might only see it as a sci-fi world Mark Zuckerberg is creating, which makes sense—it does not yet exist.

People are still starting to work in the metaverse and own clothes and shoes there. I’m intrigued how I, your average Instagram customer, might be implicated by the Meta meme.

Only through makeup was I able to find the metaverse relatable.

What is the metaverse?

Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli, a member of Instagram’s Creator Marketing team, says, “It’s beneficial to think of the metaverse as a set of digital spaces.”

DeVard continues, ” Some of them will be immersive, 3D spaces. You can move between them. It allows you to do things that you can’t do physically or be with people you can’t physically be with.”

The first fully immersive, shoppable experiences in the metaverse won’t happen for a few years, according to Alison Campion, Director of Strategy and Operations Metaverse at Meta.

Ines Alpha, a 3D makeup artist based in Paris, is one of Brooke’s talents, “this new crop” of creating 3D beauty looks for this metaverse experience.

Ines explains, “The face will be important in the metaverse. The look is so important to humans because it’s the first thing you see in another person.

Ines sees unlimited potential in the whole concept of digital makeup. She calls it “makeup from the future” because it doesn’t have a constraint.

Instagram users have started using these AR filters regularly.

Brooke explains, “We’re seeing many people experiment with different makeup looks, hair looks using AR filters — especially on Reels.”

Alison says their ultimate vision is to merge the imaginative, inspirational world with personal shopping.

The AR technology offers a new perspective on beauty for some users.

Alison says, “We sometimes hear AR creators compare their virtual looks to the same transformative experiences drag artists or stage performers might feel.”