How to: The Modern Man’s Beard

Why grow a beard?

Recently, men have been following a new trend: more hair. The man bun. The beard. Nothing is more assertive of how manly you are like growing a great beard. Gone is the clean-shaven boy’s glory days of slapping after shave on a smooth, hairless face. The lumberjack look is hot right now, but to get that sexy manly aesthetic the ladies crave, you have to care for your beard the right way.

Trim to win

The biggest mistake a bearded wonder can make is letting the beard get unruly. Having a defined beard edge helps accentuate your cheekbones and jawline. Carefully trim unruly hairs using scissors or a beard trimmer. You can even keep your beard shorter on the sides and longer on your chin to elongate your face shape, giving a slimming effect. Fade the sides so they seamlessly blend into your sideburns and haircut to complete the overall look.

Snip your ‘stache

While the ladies love a good beard, you still need to be kissable. Keep your mouth visible by snipping your moustache so it doesn’t hang over your top lip. The snip technique will help avoid the potentially embarrassing situation of food leftovers being stuck in your facial hair. If you want to take leftovers home, put them in a to-go box, not your dapper ‘stache.

Smell divine

Just like the hair on your head, the hair on your face needs a scrub-a-dub. The products on the market for beard care are endless. Find a beard oil with a scent that appeals to you and use it every time you shower or groom your beard. Nothing encourages a lady to stroke your beard or snuggle up into your chest like the fresh scent of eucalyptus. Keeping your beard washed and oiled also makes it less itchy, making the overall beard experience a more enjoyable one.

Growing a beard is great for confidence and changing your look. It’s fun to play with different facial hair styles and add a personal touch to your appearance. Use these basic tips to help elevate your man-status today!