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How To Properly Clean A Toaster

In most households, wiping down the kitchen countertops and sweeping the floor is a usual routine for most of us.  However, many of us fall victim to overlooking the small appliances we have, such as our toaster or toaster oven.  These items are prone to the building up of bread crumbs and gunk over time if not attended to.

Joni Gonzales, professional cleaner and home organizer, says:

“If your toaster has a burnt smell while toasting or leaves crumbs all over the counter when you move it, there’s a buildup of crumbs that need to be cleaned out.”

Image: cleanipedia.com

This crumb buildup will not only prevent the appliance from operating less efficiently, but it can also lead to a sudden kitchen fire.  Here is how to properly clean your toaster to prevent any future problems.

Unplug the appliance

This step may sound obvious but is essential to state, as electricity and water do not mix.  It is also recommended that you unplug your toaster when not in use, just to be on the safe side.

Read the manual

Every toaster is slightly different from the other, so it is best to make it a habit of reading the owner’s manual.  The manual will include the manufacturer’s suggested cleaning methods for the toaster.  If you find that you no longer have the paper manual that came with your toaster, check online at the company’s website.

Image: cleanipedia.com

Clean out the crumbs

Open your toaster’s tray on the bottom, turn it over, and shake out the crumbs.  For those crumbs that prove more difficult, make use of a dry dishcloth to dislodge them.

This cleaning is a somewhat messy step, so we suggest it is done either over the sink or a trash can.  If you find you have crumbs lodged in the toaster’s heating coils, use a paintbrush to dislodge them and shake them out.


The toaster’s exterior

Make sure to thoroughly wipe down and clean the toaster’s exterior with a damp cloth and either mild dishwashing liquid or vinegar.  And then you are done.