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How To Know If You Get Enough Deep Sleep?

Deep sleep is something that starts early in our sleep period. It usually begins when you sleep for about 20 to 30 minutes and dominates the first half of the night.

MH advisor W. Chris Winter, MD, a neurologist, “It is the cycle of sleep that is most restorative. It is when we produce the majority of our growth hormone.”

Especially for kids, this hormone makes them grow and develop and for adults, it is a chemical involved in recovery and youthfulness.


How Much Deep Sleep Do You Need?

Generally, if you are sleeping for seven to eight hours, you can expect the cycle through the entire sleep process four to five times a night.

Deep sleep makes us feel restful and restored the following day rather than feeling drowsy. “When someone says, “Damn, that was a great sleep last night!” they are usually commenting on their amount and quality of deep sleep,” says Dr. Winter.

Winter continues, “Deep sleep is something we feel, so if you wake up and you don’t feel rested, chances are like you didn’t get enough of this specific ZZzs.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Enough Deep Sleep?

In the short term, the lack of deep sleep means that you will be exhausted the next day. When you start running out of deep sleep regularly, problems can happen. “You just ‘age’ faster,” says Dr. Winter. You have “more illness, injury and less ability to recover from the day-to-day wear and tear on our bodies.”


Although no formula can make you sleep more deeply each night, ensuring you get enough sleep can help.