How To Keep Ticks Away From Your Pets

In the summer, ticks are not an uncommon pest for pets. Your furry friends love to roll in the grass and run through meadows, but they might bring some not-so furry, not-so friendly creatures with them. Here are some tips to keep ticks away from your pets:

Trim your yard

If your pet picks up ticks in your own yard, you can get rid of the tick’s environment by trimming. Keep weeds down and mow, so the ticks don’t have any places to hide.

Groom long-haired dogs

Ticks love to grab unto long hair, so if you have a dog with fluffy fur, get them groomed before tick season. You don’t want to go too short, because a dog’s hair protects their skin. The same goes for cats. If the idea of grooming your long-haired cat is stressful, keep them inside as much as possible.

Spray dogs with well-diluted lemon eucalyptus oil

Lemon eucalyptus oil is a natural insect repellent and a great way to discourage ticks from latching unto dogs. Mix seven drops of oil into 32-ounces of distilled water. With a spray bottle, squirt a little between your dog’s shoulder blades. If you’re worried about your dog being able to lick the oil (or you have another pet who will lick the sprayed dog), skip this tip

Use a good oral medication

If you’re cool with giving your dog medication, a pill specifically designed to kill ticks and fleas is an easy, effective way to keep your dog tick-free. These pills are usually given just once a month, so set a reminder for yourself during tick season if they aren’t a part of your regular pet care routine.

Don’t let your pet roam free

While you can’t control ticks, you can control your pet, to some degree. Don’t let your dog (or cat) roam unsupervised in your yard or in wooded, grassy areas. Keep them on a leash and in a confined area. You will still have to check them for ticks, but they are less likely to have picked up a bunch if they’re not allowed in very wild areas.