How To Handle Your Child’s Unhappiness With Teachers

Several reasons your child might not be looking forward to starting a new school year with their new teacher. The student may have previously had negative interactions with the teacher, or they may have heard rumors about how much homework that teacher assigns or how strict they are.

Here’s how you can help your child if they don’t like their prospective teacher.

Be Discreet With Your Opinions

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Don’t tell your child what you think of a teacher’s name, even if you have an adverse reaction. It’s easy for kids to adopt the opinions of their parents. Keep a positive attitude, and don’t reveal your dislike of the pick.

Take Your Child’s Concerns Into Consideration

Be impartial, and don’t reveal your particular feelings about a new teacher, but don’t dismiss what your child is feeling, either. There may be fears or anxiety about a new teacher’s changes, and they need you to be sensitive to them.

Organize A Meeting

GinaMarie Guarino, a licensed mental health counselor, suggests that parents address the problem at the source and schedule a meeting at the school. She said, “Helping children, teachers, and parents understand expectations for behavior, education, and classroom rules helps ease your child’s upset feelings toward teachers.”

Emphasize Your Child Past Accomplishments

When your child dislikes a new teacher, it’s not personal. Feeling anxious and nervous about a new school year and class is natural. It may be helpful to remind your child of their past successes.

Be Patient

It could also be a temporary problem that resolves once your child gets used to their new teacher. Ais Her, director of schools, said, “It takes time and work to build trust in any relationship. Eventually, your child will ‘like’ their teacher. The teacher gets to know the child as well.”

Show How Unique Your Child Is

Ideally, your child’s new teacher should know some details about their interests and unique talents before the school year begins. As a result, the child and educator can build a relationship.

It is not the worst thing to dislike a teacher. It’s even a teachable moment. Your child will inevitably meet people they do not like in their lifetime. Kids develop resilient and adaptable skills by learning how to work with people who dislike them.