How Single Moms, Including Crystal King, Celebrate Mother’s Day

Growing up, Crystal King’s family celebrated Mother’s Day with a lot of joy.

She tells Yahoo Life, “We would have brunch at a very nice restaurant. Then we would present with gifts when we got home from that, and take pictures. Dad always bought flowers for her too.”

King expected she would be feted similarly one day due to that tradition.

She is just grateful to be a mother; she struggled with fertility problems before giving birth to a son and daughter via IUI as a single parent.

Crystal King says, “Once I became a mom, my whole perspective of Mother’s Day changed because I thought, ‘No one would have ever noticed me had it not been for my kids.””

Although her children are young and she doesn’t have a co-parent to arrange a brunch date, present her with gifts, or supervise macaroni art-making, she has loved ones and teachers who look out for her.

Her emotions get triggered when she remembers the flower arrangement her sister sent for her first Mother’s Day when her daughter was only five months old.

She says, “I was so touched because I didn’t expect anyone to do anything for me. I was not expecting even a handprint or heart or whatever you do for Mother’s Day.”

Michelle Mann is a Midwest native and a single mom who conceives her 6-month-old son Westin through fertility treatment.

She’ll spend her first Mother’s Day as a mom with her mom and sister.

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She says, “I just want to celebrate being a new mom.”

Mann tells Yahoo Life, “I don’t necessarily have set expectations for this Mother’s Day other than intentionally recognizing the journey to this moment.”

Mann echoes King’s statement about Mother’s Day being a miracle day for her but acknowledges that with one child, taking time off or pampering yourself are luxuries as a solo parent.