Hostess Introduces Snack Cake Flavored Iced Lattes

Coffee is a drink that is both incredibly versatile and something that most people cannot function properly without in the morning. Coffee is available in many different flavors, sizes and temperatures so there is basically something that everyone likes if they want to drink coffee.

Hostess is one of the most recognizable snack brands across the United States, and is the company that brought the world the mass produced Twinkie. A yellow snack cake with creme filling inside, which is both super shelf stable, sugary, and a staple in vending machines everywhere.

Now, Hostess is upping its game, or at least expanding into the coffee field. Hostess actually already makes coffee pods, which come in Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Honey Buns and Sno Balls flavors. Right now they can be bought in a 72-count variety pack for $38.99 from But Hostess just introduced these new flavors in iced latte form.


The snack cake giant is also releasing the same flavors as iced latte, including Twinkie, Ding Dong, Honey Bun and Sno Ball. In fact, the Twinkie flavor is described in the press release as being like “the magic of the classic golden sponge cake flavor combined with creamy notes.” The Sno Ball flavor “combines coconut and sweet chocolate cake” but without any pink or food coloring.

The Ding Dong iced latte is “full of rich chocolate flavors with vanilla tones” just like the snack cake of the same name. The Honey Bun Iced Latte has a “honey flavor, finished with hints of glazed icing.”

According to Christoph Zickler, Marketing Vice President for Trilliant, “We’re proud to announce our next venture with one of the most loved American brands. We’re bringing innovation to the Ready-to-Drink category with these iconic Hostess flavors.  They’re the perfect, sweet-treat pick-me-up for any time of day.”