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Home Security Hacks: Affordable Ways To Keep Your Home Safe From Burglars

Replace Door Hinge Screws With Longer Ones.

What It Does: Strengthens locks and doorknobs.

Average Cost: $0.12 per screw

Making sure your home’s door hinges are as safe as conceivable is an intelligent approach to preventing potential burglars. By replacing shorter screws with longer ones, the hinges’ strength will not be compromised as quickly when squeezed. And it’s inexpensive and straightforward to execute.

A screwdriver and a pair of 3-inch screws are all you need (manual or electric). A one-pound box of 3-inch screws at Home Depot costs only $8.97. That implies you could reinforce every door in the home and still have a few screws left over. Now that is a hack that we can be on board with.