Holiday Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

Now that the Thanksgiving feast is over, it is time to turn our attention to the next holiday season—that of Christmas.  And to kick off the celebrations, many will be prepping and decorating their homes.

Although decorating the home can be both exciting and stressful all at one, many are not aware that they making a few mistakes along the way that can easily be avoided.

Image: Christmas – LoveToKnow

According to interior designed Sylvia James, of HomeHow.co.uk: “If you look forward to Christmas all year long, it can be easy to get carried away and decorate every corner of your home.”

James reminds us that less is more when it comes to decorations, and if you splurge you will run the risk of looking tacky rather than elegant or homey.  To help divert any mishaps, James has offered up some tips and advise.

Don’t Overlook The Tree Topper

Tree toppers are available in a large variety of styles, but you fail to choose the proper size for your tree, it doesn’t matter how pretty the topper may be.

James advises to try out several shapes and sizes, adding one every year or so as a means of ensuring you will have just the size you need.

Pick A Theme And Stick With It

The purpose of decorating for the holiday is to extend the festive feelings of cheer and joy.  However, many try to incorporate a variety of themes instead of sticking to just one.

Image: Unsplash

To make the most impact with your decorating, make sure that you have one central theme, and then carry that theme throughout the house.

Have A Solid Plan

There is no denying that the most joyous time of the year can also be the most stressful.  Choosing to start your holiday decorating, without a solid plan in place, will only serve to increase your stress level and make the task harder than it needs to be.