Hershey’s Releases Caramel and Pretzel Gold Kisses

Hershey’s chocolate kisses are the most iconic and recognized chocolate candy in the world. The creamy milk chocolate bits molded into the shape of kisses are a perfectly sized dessert snack and come in dozens of different flavors and fillings, with new flavors and seasonal flavors being released all the time.

This new gold Hershey candy is a nod to the popular Hershey’s Gold Bars which were released for the Pyongchang Olympics back in 2018. This new flavor combines caramel flavored crème with crunchy pretzel bits for a sweet and salty flavor.

In addition, the bag is covered with a giant gold kiss on a creme wrapper, with a mixture of blue, red and orange lines. Each kiss is covered in the three colors with a blue paper line indicating the flavor.


Check out the official product description. “Experience for yourself the luxurious decadence of pure gold candy offered in every bite of Hershey’s GOLD Kisses! Featuring a smooth, creamy chocolate texture with a rich caramel flavor and bits of crunchy pretzels, these unique Hershey Kisses are sure to surprise and delight! Stock the candy dish at your home or office with Gold Kisses and reward your taste buds with golden glory.”

The Gold Kisses do not contain any sort of nuts, and they are available in 9.6-ounce bags. Customers can purchase this new flavor on convenience store shelves like CVS or Walgreens and grocery store shelves across the country. People can also find them online at places like Amazon and CandyWarehouse. The current retail price is about six dollars a bag.

This is the first new Hershey kiss flavor released since the holiday flavors of hot cocoa a few months ago.  The Hershey’s Gold Kisses are also a popular flavor already, and it will not be a limited edition release.