Hershey Cookie and Pretzel Bites Have Hit Stores

Hershey’s easily the most recognized name in the chocolate world. They have produced the most popular milk chocolate bar in existence, and even have a whole theme park in Pennslyvania. Hershey also continues to release new candies and chocolates all the time.

Hershey has released chocolate bars and candies that mix together sweet flavors and textures, like cookies n’ creme and even pretzels. Hershey’s has also released individual bags of cookie bites and bite-size candy bars over the years.

Now, Hershey has announced the release of Hershey’s Cookie and Pretzel Bites. The new product includes three new flavors which include chocolate, cookies, and pretzels. The three new flavors include milk chocolate cookie bites, cookies ‘n’ creme bites, and milk chocolate pretzel bites.

Source: Hershey’

The milk chocolate cookies bites come in a blue package with the popular milk chocolate brown color around the Hershey’s logo on the front. The flavor is a vanilla cookie center which is covered in milk chocolate. Each bag contains a bunch of miniature bites, which are a perfect snack to pop into your mouth.

The cookies ‘n’ creme cookie bites come in a blue package with a mostly white package which is similar to the cookies ‘n’ creme logo for Hershey. The logo is on the front of the package, with the flavor underneath and one of the bites broken in half so you can see the cookie inside.

The final flavor is the milk chocolate pretzel bites. The packaging is mostly yellow, with milk chocolate brown around the Hershey’s logo. These bites contain a salty pretzel center covered in milk chocolate.


You can find these new treats in various sizes, including 1.8-ounce, 4-ounce, and 7.5-ounce bags. The largest size bag is also completely resealable. They are available from online retailers like Target and Walmart, and will be available in stores nationwide soon.