Here’s What You Need To Know About Gentle Parenting

Every parent realizes that a parenting strategy is essential.

You may experience that moment when your three-year-old melts down at the grocery store checkout counter after being denied their favorite candy. It’s hard to tell if it’s too late to correct your mistakes.

An emerging philosophy of gentle parenting combines healthy boundaries, natural consequences, and respect for others. By empathizing with children, peaceful parenting gives them lots of compassionate cushioning.

Is gentle parenting effective? I think that’s great. Our parenting expert weighs in on its pros and cons.

Gentle Parenting – What Is It?

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A psychologist, Dan Peters, Ph.D., explains, “gentle parenting entails empathizing with a child’s behavior, giving choices, rather than commands, and responding to their developmental and intellectual level.

On a practical level, gentle parenting looks different for every family. Parents should make decisions according to the central tenets of empathy, respect, understanding, and healthy boundaries.

Is Gentle Parenting Effective In Real Life?

The goal of gentle parenting is to use it throughout your parenting life. You can establish natural consequences and set boundaries early with your children.

Throughout your child’s development, gentle parenting looks different. Here are some examples:

  • When your toddler spills their milk, you don’t have to scold or react with frustration. Assist your child in cleaning up their mess.
  • When a child yells and cries in kindergarten, a gentle parent would not dismiss their reaction. Validate your child’s response instead.

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Pros And Cons Of Gentle Parenting

The gentle parenting strategy offers opportunities to foster empathy and respect for children as individuals. It is about disciplining them differently. You can’t use gentle parenting as an excuse to avoid setting any rules or boundaries with your child.

Peter says, “Parents can be too permissive and not set appropriate boundaries. It’s also possible to induldge a child’s emotions and behavior without guiding and teaching.

Does Gentle Parenting Have Any Research?

A new approach to parenting is gentle parenting. In addition, it’s hard to quantify how many people apply the philosophy. Peters says gentle parenting has much in common with authoritative and positive parenting.

Children with authoritative parenting develop healthy self-esteem and self-regulation skills. In addition, they understand disciplinary methods as support, not punishment.