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Here’s The TikTok Creator Reviving Her Grandmother’s Closet

Her grandmother’s vintage clothing has always been a source of inspiration to Gabrielle Jones since she was a kid.

Jones says, “There were always shoes and hats and accessories that I was playing dress-up with, and I just sort of always saw that as a touchstone.”

Her grandmother’s closet still inspires the Minnesota-based creative, who styles one vintage outfit a day as part of a year-long project that involves styling one historical item from her grandmother’s closet on her TikTok channel @gabis_vintage.


Jones says, “The closets were filled with vintage clothes, and I felt down because people weren’t benefiting from seeing them.”

Jones has recorded nearly 200 videos showcasing various items from her grandmother’s collection and other family members’ items, including a 1940s coat, a pair of 1960s go-go boots, and her grandfather’s favorite printed shirt from the 1970s.

She says, “I love mixing eras, and I think that the key to success is playing with styling in unexpected ways.”

One of her favorite outfits is a “crochet jacket” made by her great aunt as a graduation gift to her grandmother.

Jones says, “It is lovely to get to share, and something special to me. Grandma and I enjoy talking about these clothes; she tells me stories about them, and we share them with many others. ”

Jones fosters a community of fashion enthusiasts to share vintage finds and get second-hand shopping tips.

She says, “I never go into vintage shopping with an idea of what I’m going to find because you never know.”

Jones doesn’t consider herself a fashion expert. Her interest in style is longstanding, but she has not pursued it academically.


Jones has gathered most of her information through old newspapers and magazines and from conversations with her grandmother.

Her primary focus is to show her family’s fashion history through her grandmother’s archive, a journey she says is helping her understand her family’s history.

She says, “I am extremely excited to style some of the more Edwardian pieces from the early 1910s, like dresses and blouses that are so beautiful.”