Here’s How To Practice Each Type Of Self-Care

We are in the middle of Self-Care Awareness Month in September. Consider getting a pedicure wearing a white robe or sitting back while someone massages your hands with cucumbers covering your eyes.

Alisha Reed, PharmD pharmacist, and self-care strategist, say only one type of self-care involves a spa day. Reed told Blavity, “Most people think self-care has to be a spa day, a massage, or a manicure, but there are several types of self-care. As a pharmacist, I tell my patients that self-care is proactive care.”

She gave Blavity a play-by-play on self-care and how to honor yourself on a budget.

A Physical Workout Isn’t Enough

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There’s nothing wrong with having a spa day as part of self-care. Despite focusing on the body, physical self-care is more than exercise. Reed said, “Most people immediately think of exercise because it’s physical, but physical self-care can be your skincare routine.”

Mental: Every Day Is Self-Care

Self-care took center stage during COVID-19. It has become a buzzword since the pandemic, and self-care is a daily practice. Reed said, “We should focus on self-care and how we can practice self-care daily.”

It’s Important To Laugh And Cry

The ability to express your emotions is crucial to your overall well-being. Reed said, “Most people think this means seeing a therapist. Emotional self-care also involves checking in with yourself and your feelings.” By writing a gratitude list, you can figure out what you’re grateful for, which helps you connect with your emotions.

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Nurture Your Relationships

Maintaining positive relationships and friendships as part of social self-care is essential. Reed said, “Social self-care would be going to brunch or dinner or parties, social events around people who are good for your soul and spirit.”

Prioritize Your Self-Care Every Day

It might seem too expensive to show yourself the necessary love when self-care looks like a spa retreat. Reed says there are plenty of free ways to take care of yourself.

She said, “You can play a tourist in your city. You can take a walk 15-minute power nap. Drinking a glass of tea or coffee alone is self-care.”