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Here’s How Old The Produce Is At Your Local Grocery Store

As you walk into your local grocery store, there should be a sign hanging above the produce that reads “FRESH”—but how fresh are we talkin’? We all know the specific harvest times for most produce items, but since they’re stocked year-round, when are they no longer considered fresh? Here’s a look at three items.

Those Apples Might Be A Year Old

Apples will be freshest in fall when they’re in season, but the demand for them remains the same throughout the year. If you’re buying apples in spring and summer, they’ve spent quite a few months sitting and waiting for you to take them home.

Once they’re picked, they’re sprayed with chemicals for preservation, then stored for up to a year before they show up in your neighborhood store.

Spinach On The Shelves May Sit For Months

Spinach is what you buy when you want to feel healthy, but if it’s actual health that you’re after, there are a couple things you should know.

Spinach sold to national supermarket chains isn’t very healthy at all. Before it gets packaged and shipped to that store, it’s already been sitting for weeks. It will then have an additional few weeks before expiring once it hits the shelves. Your best bet for fresh greens would be your local farmer’s market or local grocers.

Orange Juice Has A Long, Pasteurized Lifespan

Though orange juice isn’t really produce, it is a product known for its freshness. That carton of goodness isn’t freshly squeezed from an orange off a tree in Florida, though.

The truth is, that juice has been sitting in a warehouse in a storage tank for up to a year by the time you pour it into your glass. If you’re buying orange juice because of a nutrient deficiency, it’d be better to buy the oranges themselves.

So, if keepin’ it fresh is your aim, check out your local farmer’s markets and grocers!