Here Is How Dentists Feel About Seltzer Water’s Effects On Teeth

The first sip of seltzer is one of the most refreshing experiences for those who love it. Seltzer and flat water are both versions of water, although they are very different due to their pockets of carbon dioxide.

Are carbonated water and soda more similar to flat water? Can it also harm oral health?

Sheila Samaddar, DDS president, said, “There seems to be a consensus that anything that sparkles or is bubbly is terrible for our health. These drinks can take a toll, but understanding why they can be problematic could help us all choose and act a little differently – and help us practice moderation.”

Several factors influence whether or not seltzer water is terrible for your teeth, including the kind you drink and how often you drink it.

Seltzer Should Be Consumed Moderately

Dr. Angelique Freking, the dental director, said that the main difference between seltzer and regular water is that it is slightly acidic, which could damage enamel if consumed in excess.

Although carbonated water is riskier than plain H2O, Dr. Freking says moderate consumption is safe. But what is considered reasonable? She says, ” Seltzer should be consumed in moderation within a month, and more than that is excessive.”

Drink It In Moderation

Seltzer water consumption and time spent finishing can also affect your teeth. Dr. Samaddar says our mouths are capable of self-healing.

She says, “Our saliva is capable of rebalancing the pH levels in our mouths, which can slow and prevent the process of enamel erosion. As soon as you finish your bottle of carbonated water, drink plain water to flush it away.”

 Check The Label For Added Ingredients

Dr. Samaddar says carbonated water’s most significant advantage over soda is its lack of sugar. The carbonated water could be equally harmful to your teeth if it has added acids, sugar, or other flavorings that change the pH.