Here Are The Top TV Shows Recommended By Experts For Children

There are a lot of parents who are concerned about how their children use electronic devices these days. A 2020 Pew Research Center study shows 71% of U.S. parents with children under 12 are worried that their children spend too much time on screens, and 31% are very concerned.

Kids, tiny ones, are also subjected to fearmongering over the effects of watching TV. However, studies showing a link between TV viewing before age three and lower test scores at ages 6 and 7 leave something to be desired. Emily Oster, author of “The Family Firm,” points out that kids who watch more TV at a young age are different regarding household income, race, and education level of their parents.


Children should not watch TV unless they are doing something else, such as playing with their families, going outside, coloring, or reading books. It’s essential to monitor your child’s TV consumption, but sometimes putting on a show is the only realistic way to keep them occupied so caregivers can cook, clean, work, or relax.

Families need to do what is best for them. Deborah Brooks, a pediatric speech pathologist, doesn’t have strong feelings about kids watching TV. Child development experts share which shows they approve of their kids watching. Check out our kids’ TV recommendations that don’t annoy parents, too, if you’re trying to find quality.


Bluey provides parents with examples of how to play with their children. The program teaches kids communication, problem-solving, and emotional control skills. “Tickle Crabs is an episode I have played with my kids many times, and they still request it regularly!”

Daniel Tiger

‘Daniel Tiger’ has always been a favorite of mine because it teaches compassion and kindness to others. Moreover, it provides a safe, comforting environment where characters learn how to deal with difficult situations.


Sesame Street

Sesame Street features human characters interacting, solving problems, and learning alongside their beloved monsters. It promotes learning and entertainment through music and sketch segments. This show is diverse and inclusive.

Teen Titans Go

It’s an animated show that’s been around for a while. Though it is an animated cartoon series, it unconventionally teaches certain things. There was an episode where they discussed Daylight Savings, which was utterly ridiculous but brilliant.