Here Are The Best Pet Advent Calendars For Dogs And Cats

There are many different types of advent calendars available for humans, from chocolate-filled advent calendars to ones with toys, beauty products, and even alcohol. So why shouldn’t our pets enjoy the festivities as well? Major retailers like Costco, Target, Chewy, and Trader Joe’s offer holiday countdown calendars for dogs and cats.

Pet advent calendars are available almost everywhere, but make sure the one you choose is suitable for your furry friend. For example, is it for big dogs or small dogs?

Does it contain snacks or toys? Check out our list of the best advent calendars that will delight dogs with allergies and reusable advent calendars that you can use repeatedly. These advent calendars are available now or watch out for more pet advent calendars as Christmas draws closer.

Best Friends Advent Calendar

This popular pet advent calendar features 24 freeze-dried treats for dogs of all sizes. All tasty morsels are made in Washington state from natural ingredients, including cheesy peanut butter bears, chicken pot pie cookies, and bacon puffs. You can buy them months before Christmas because each treat is individually wrapped.

Cat Advent Calendar

Every 24 windows hold three ounces of Purina Fancy Feast Wet Food, perfect for adventurous cats. The recipes include Hearthside Salmon Platter with Pumpkin and Spinach and Yuletide Turkey Feast with Sweet Potato and Tomato in Gravy.

12 Days Of Dogmas Calendar

Rather than lords a-leaping and ladies dancing, this advent calendar features a different famous dog breed. There are also twist sticks, chicken livers, duck and duck liver chews, and protein-packed chews. Reviewers say these treats suit dogs of all ages and breeds, including Chihuahuas and Saint Bernards.

Holiday Advent Calendar With Chews For Small Dogs

Try these rawhide-free chews filled with real chicken and vegetables if you want your small dog to avoid rawhide. You can also keep your pup’s teeth healthy with these pint-sized chews, including mini sweet potato bones, mini candy canes, and mini chicken-wrapped sticks. The candy cane treats come wrapped in plastic, so you’ll need to open them to give them to your dog. Many reviewers said their dogs loved these treats.