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Here Are Five Ways To Stop Itching From Bug Bites

Itching appears on your ankles, arms, legs, or other exposed body parts. It is when you’re on a long hike on the trail or spending quality time with your friends while camping. Your fun is being hampered by itching, probably caused by mosquitoes or ticks, and your skin reaction is likely to follow due to the bugs attacking.

When you don’t reapply insect repellent diligently, especially if you sweat a lot and apply sunscreen, you may notice that you still get bitten. There are remedies you can try if you have access to them.

What Causes Bug Bites To Itch?

A skin condition, bug bites are essentially localized allergic reactions in the skin, says dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D. You get an itchy, red bump when you get bitten because your skin inflames and swells. Scratching bug bites can cause further skin irritation.

Bug Bites: How Can They Be Treated?

It won’t help much if you ignore them, even if you can resist scratching. Itchy bites need to be treated to relieve discomfort.

Dr. Zeichner says, “When treating a bite, the goal is to reduce inflammation as quickly as possible and to do what you can to repair the skin barrier.” Medicated creams, lotions, and homemade remedies are available over-the-counter.

Getting Rid Of Bug Bite Itching With These 5 Remedies

Hydrocortisone Cream – A good option is Cortizone-10, although generic brands tend to be just as effective.

Cold Therapy – Dr. Zeichner suggests applying a cold compress or ice pack to relieve itchy bug bites.

Petroleum Jelly – Petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) can provide relief from itching while you wait to treat bites.

Colloidal Oatmeal – Dr. Zeichner says it is an excellent skin-protecting ingredient, but it should not be your first choice.

Calamine Lotion – Dr. Zeichner recommends it for bug bites since it soothes and reduces itching.