Here Are Five Mobility Exercises That Anyone Can Do At Home

The most popular fitness goals remain fat loss, chest workouts, and increasing range of motion. Whether or not you are an athlete seeking optimum performance, you’d like to be a little more flexible and limber.

Our solitary lives are significantly impacted by long working hours in our home office, working remotely, trading our daily commutes and steps for something a little more isolated.

Mobility of your joints throughout their range of motion is essential to our physical health. Exercises that improve mobility reduce injuries and pain.

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Sam Moses, a certified personal trainer, said, “This is incredibly important because it helps combat imbalances that lead to compensations, which will eventually result in injury.”

Combining yoga and dynamic stretching boosts your whole body’s mobility and flexibility. However, we will focus on four body parts that often lack mobility: thoracic spine, shoulders, hips, and ankles.

Moses said, “Plenty of research has validated rolling and stretching’s the ability to help athletes or average Joes get back to 100% quicker and reduce the subsequent soreness they feel after exercise.”

Mobility exercises are mostly equipment-free, but we’ve sourced a few pieces of gear to make the experience more comfortable.

Thoracic Spine Mobility Exercises

The thoracic spine controls movements like bending over. The thoracic region of the spine is also directly affected by your posture.

Shoulder Mobility Exercises

The shoulders can become inflexible after bulking up a lot. To test your shoulder mobility, reach upward with one hand behind your head and the other behind your hip.

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Hip Mobility Exercise

Lack of hip mobility or hip tightness is a widespread mobility complaint. Sedentary lifestyles are undoubtedly responsible for this condition, as sitting for long periods can tighten and shorten the hip tendons and muscles

Ankle Mobility Exercise

The calorie-burning benefits of running can be detrimental to your joints, especially your ankles. Ankle mobility helps you run efficiently and avoid injuries.

Knee Mobility Exercise

Here’s one from Tribe Fitness in Mead, Colorado, Sam Moses. To regain range of motion, he uses mobility “sequences,” which combine foam rolling with stretching to soothe adjacent muscles.