Heinz Unveils Cadbury Creme Egg Mayonnaise Just in Time for Easter

Mayonnaise is one of the more popular and also more controversial condiments available on grocery store shelves. It’s also a very versatile substance, so it can be added to many different foods and mixed with other foods to change the flavor.

With Easter just days away, the beloved Cadbury creme eggs are fully stocked on store shelves These rich chocolate filled treats are delicious on there own, a nice mix of chocolate and creme which is only available once a year to buy in bulk. Now Heinz is changing the game with a new version of mayonnaise which is mixed with Cadbury creme eggs.


Heinz unveiled the new product with a short advertisement of the jar of mayonnaise, with a label that was decorated to look like a Cadbury creme egg wrapper. The name read “Seriously Good Mayo” with a small image of a Cadbury creme egg underneath it.

The cap of the jar is taken off to reveal a white and yellowish mixture with little bits of color and chocolate sprinkled through it. So this mixture is mayonnaise and Cadbury creme egg fondant and chocolate mixed together. This new mixture is supposed to be a rather sweet condiment which is ideal for waffles, biscuits and other dried breads.

Given that Cadbury creme eggs are a more seasonal candy option, Heinz is making this new condiment available for a limited amount of time. The announcement of the new mayonnaise came on April 1, with products rolling out to stores soon after.

Source: The Independent

Customers will also be able to buy it in person from April 11-13 in London’ s Truman Brewery, as Cadbury is a United Kingdom-based business. Although, right now there is no official end date to for when this new mayonnaise will stop being available. So far the jar is only available in smaller size as well.