Health Conditions You May Not Be Aware You Have

In a day and age where keeping an eye on one’s health is more important than ever, it is best to keep an eye out for warnings signs of trouble brewing on the horizon.  However, there are several health conditions that present with no warning signs at all and may very well result in death.  Let’s take a look at a few of those conditions.

High Blood Pressure

Known as the “silent killer” high blood pressure for the most part exhibits with no warning signs at all.  It is estimated that nearly 75 million adults in America suffer from high blood pressure.  The condition can lead to long lasting complications including heart attack and stroke that may result in death.

High Cholesterol

There are two “types” of cholesterol that play a part in high cholesterol.  There is “bad” cholesterol, or LDL—low density lips and “good” cholesterol, or HDL—high density lipids.  LDL is the fatty lipid that causes plague to build up inside your arteries, narrowing them and increasing the chances of heart attack or stroke.  HDL is the fatty lipid that is essentially artery sweepers, that moves the LDL along so that your liver can process and dispose of it.  With high cholesterol you have no warning signs until the blockage has occurred and by that time the damage is done.

Image: Flickr

High Blood Sugar

Also known as Diabetes, high blood sugar is estimated to afflict more than nine percent of the current population, with an estimated twenty-eight percent not even knowing they suffer from it.  Doctors warn that by the time you feel something, and have it checked out, you could have a heart attack, be losing your vision, or even require an amputation.  They suggest that people who are overweight start getting screened for diabetes at the age of 40, if not before.  They state the sooner you find out, the sooner you can make a change.

Lung Cancer

It is estimated that more people die of lung cancer each year than colon, prostate, and breast cancer combined.  Sadly, more than fifty percent of those people die of the cancer within one short year of being diagnosed.  What makes this health condition so fatal is that by the time you do start exhibiting symptoms, the cancer has spread elsewhere drastically decreasing survival rates.

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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a condition of the liver that can cause cancer, cirrhosis, and in some cases even death.  It is estimated that eighty percent of the people who have contracted Hepatitis C, usually through the shared use of needle and syringes in drug usage, do not even know they have it.  Doctors recommend that if you were ever a shared needle user, born between 1945 and 1965, or had a blood transfusion prior to 1992 that you get tested to air on the side of precaution.