HBO Confirms Watchmen As A Go

Those fans who have been anxiously awaiting news on the new Watchman series can now breathe a sigh of relief.  HBO (Home Box Office) has officially picked the series up with a full season order and has it slated to premiere sometime in 2019.

With the current boom in the comic book genre properties, just about every studio is trying to jump on the profit bandwagon.  Disney has its MCU, Warner Brothers have the DCEU/Worlds of DC, and even Sony is looking into its very own Spider-Man based universe.  So, why should the small screen be any different?

Although almost every known independent streaming service has already joined the club, HBO has been the last arrival to the party.  But, that will soon be changing as they throw their hats into the ring, and hang their preliminary hopes on the Watchmen.

Image: Ars Technics

The series pilot has been finished and was just waiting for a network to give it a go.  And that network was HBO.  However, this will not be in any way like the Zack Snyder version but is being said to go into all new territory.

When HBO announced that they had decided to go ahead with the full series, they confirmed a 2019 premiere for the small screen adaptation.  Along with the announcement, HBO revealed some of the first art related for the series, teasing viewers with the use of one of Dr. Manhattan’s famous quotes:

“Nothing Ever Ends…”

Image: Awards Circuit

Although HBO is said to always have an extreme interest in the series, due to Lindelof’s (Lost and The Leftovers) involvement in the project, it was never really expected that it would go much further.  However with the recent announcement of their picking the series up with a full season, many are believing the network solidified the deal after the viewing of the pilot.

Whatever the actual reason may be, the end result is that we will soon be seeing one of the best graphic novels to date played out across the small screen.